Hotels on the Gold Coast are on the increase as Jewel gets green light

Although there are many hotels on the Gold Coast, there is no better way to fully enjoy your holiday here than staying in the most luxurious accommodation that you can find. Sure, it may mean spending more money but this will also mean having the best accommodation in town, superb excellent customer service, and being…

5 Tools Everyone in the hotel Industry Should Be Using

Gone are the days when you’re limited to advertising Surfers Paradise hotels or any other accommodation using traditional media. With the popularity of the Internet, it’s no surprise that more than half the world’s population use it when travelling to get information on their destination. Take advantage of this opportunity and use it together with…

Why We Love Gold Coast Hotels (And You Should, Too!)

The Gold Coast is famous for being a premiere holiday destination for not only Australians, but for beach lovers across the globe. Featuring some of the best beaches you’ll ever find and a long list of natural attractions, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. Aside from great sceneries and wonderful locals, what we…

The best hotels on the Gold Coast

Most people planning a Gold Coast holiday will typically search for the best hotels when booking their accommodation. If you’re one of them, you’ll find that hotels on the Gold Coast include Hilton, Sheraton, Versace, and the Marriott. With rates ranging from $250-$500 per night, these hotels offer guests with luxury accommodation and first-class facilities….

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