Gold Coast hotels Are you having a hard time choosing the best Gold Coast hotel for your next holiday? Well, you’re in luck. As an accommodation provider, I can give you valuable tips to ensure that you’ll be able to make a well-informed, smart decision. Below are the things that you should seriously consider before booking a Gold Coast hotel:

  1. Location – The first thing that you would like to check out is the location. Is it very close to the attractions that you’re hoping to visit? Is it very close to the shopping malls, the beach, or the restaurants? This is very important as the farther your chosen hotel is, the more time you’re going to waste going back and forth. It may also cost you more money on transportation.
  2. Price – Most people who ask for tips on booking Gold Coast hotel accommodation, money has always been one of the top issues. Keep in mind that you can get luxurious hotel rooms without going over your budget. The key here is doing your research and making comparisons. Sometimes, this can help you save $50-$100 per night, now that’s a saving worth your time.
  3. Amenities – What are the amenities that you consider important to have a great holiday? This could be free WiFi, swimming pool, spa, or gymnasium. Before you book, make sure that these are offered by your chosen hotel. You can do this by simply checking their website or by calling them directly. Likewise, don’t book a hotel if you won’t use the amenities they offer, you’re simply playing more for things you simply won’t get the value out of.

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your Gold Coast hotel accommodation, I highly recommend that you consider booking a Gold Coast apartment as an alternative. Unlike most Gold Coast hotel rooms, these can be very affordable yet they offer the same or even more amenities. The ones we offer here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays are spacious, self-contained, and are strategically located in the heart of Surfers Paradise. These can be yours from just $110 per night.

Visit our homepage and view these apartments now! Also, enquire or book by calling 07 5531 6911.

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