Gold Coast HotelsMost people planning a Gold Coast holiday will typically search for the best hotels when booking their accommodation. If you’re one of them, you’ll find that hotels on the Gold Coast include Hilton, Sheraton, Versace, and the Marriott. With rates ranging from $250-$500 per night, these hotels offer guests with luxury accommodation and first-class facilities. But did you know that you can get the same, or maybe even more, by booking serviced apartments?

When booking hotels on the Gold Coast, keep in mind that you have several options. And if you’re just like most travellers who are looking to save money so they can stay longer on their chosen destination or so they can spend more on shopping, dining, and tours, you should seriously check out the best alternatives to the top hotels on the Gold Coast. Personally, I highly recommend serviced apartments.

Some serviced apartments, like those offered by Gold Coast Holiday Stays are within some of the region’s highly recommended hotels and resorts. This means that guests are given access to world-class amenities like pools, spa, gymnasium, and many more without it costing you an arm and a leg. When it comes to luxury and comfort, serviced apartments can match what expensive hotels on the Gold Coast can offer. In addition, serviced apartments are generally more spacious.

Book your Gold Coast serviced apartment at Gold Coast Holiday Stays

Gold Coast Holiday Stays offer you with several options when it comes to alternative accommodation options. We have luxurious apartments at Q1 Resort, Paradise Centre Apartments, Sun City Resorts, and Artique Resort. Choose from our spacious and stylish 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments.

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