Gone are the days when you’re limited to advertising Surfers Paradise hotels or any other accommodation using traditional media. With the popularity of the Internet, it’s no surprise that more than half the world’s population use it when travelling to get information on their destination. Take advantage of this opportunity and use it together with other tools to help you effectively promote your Surfers Paradise hotel and reach out to your target market.

As an accommodation provider myself, I have seen the highs and the lows of the Gold Coast tourism industry and have tried just about every trick in the book to promote the Surfers Paradise hotels we manage. From personal experience, I recommend to everyone, including you, to start using the following tools to promote any resort, apartment or hotel in Surfers Paradise.

Your own website – There is no better way to promote Surfers Paradise hotels than by having a website. Think of this as your online brochure that contains all the information that potential clients need to know about your business. Make it not just informative but also visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Remember, the quality of your hotel and your customer service will be judged initially with the way your website looks like. So, ensure that it is perfect.

Have a website to promote your hotel
There is no better way to promote Surfers Paradise hotels than by having a website.

Facebook Business Page – Every Surfers Paradise hotel, in fact every single business regardless of the industry should have a Facebook page. Having a Facebook page helps tremendously in increasing exposure to potential clients and in multiplying leads. It’s also a great tool in reaching out to your target audience or those who are most likely to do business with you. Aside from using it as marketing tool, you can also use it to advertise specials and to strengthen your business relationships with you clients. If you have availability you need to offload fast, Facebook is great. Simply create an ad for your Surfers Paradise hotel and have it seen instantly by potentially thousands.

Loyalty programs – Today, an increasing number of Surfers Paradise hotel owners use apps to develop and manage loyalty programs for their regular guests. This is very helpful as it not only promotes repeat business, but allows you to offer exclusive discounts to members of your loyalty program.

Online booking capability – Make it easier for your potential guests to book hotel rooms by giving them the capability to do this online. This will help them save time as they can make this happen in the comforts of their own home and you can reduce staffing costs along the way.

Integration with a Channel Manager. As a hotel owner, you must understand the importance of having your business listed in big hotel booking sites such as comexpedia.comand wotif.com. These are used all around the globe and although they charge commission for each booking made through their site, they can increase your hotels exposure and multiply the number of your leads in no time.


With more and more players getting involved in the hotel industry, the competition easily gets stiffer by the minute. To get ahead of the pack and to make sure you’ll be able to secure as many bookings as possible, make use of the tools that I have listed above.

For travellers who are looking to book Surfers Paradise hotels, keep in mind that your perfect partner is Gold Coast Holiday Stays. We offer luxurious apartments in some of the best hotels in Surfers Paradise.

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