cheap hotels on the Gold CoastWhen booking accommodation on the Gold Coast, you basically have two options: go with the luxury hotels or search high and low for cheap hotels to save money. Although I don’t really recommend spending hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on luxurious hotels, booking cheap hotels on the Gold Coast, in my opinion, should be your last option. You see, your accommodation will have a huge impact on your overall experience and unless you want your Gold Coast holiday to be unforgettable for all the wrong reasons, I would suggest getting affordable but decent hotels or maybe even serviced apartments.

When you book cheap hotels on the Gold Coast, you can expect small rooms that are not properly maintained and sub-standard customer service. These hotels can also be far from the beach and some don’t even have windows!

If you’re really trying to save money on your Gold Coast holiday, don’t only search for cheap hotels on the Gold Coast. Instead search for serviced apartments that are really affordable but are of high quality. Check out the apartments we offer here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays and I can guarantee you that we’ll give you great value for your money.

We offer a range of Surfers Paradise apartments that offer not just stunning views but also great resort amenities and facilities. You can book a one bedroom apartment for just $110 per night that’s just 200 metres from the beach, now that’s great value for money. Head to our homepage where you’ll find great deals and where you can book online.

Got questions? We are here to help! Just dial 07 5531 6911 or send us an email by clicking the here.

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