Although there are many hotels on the Gold Coast, there is no better way to fully enjoy your holiday here than staying in the most luxurious accommodation that you can find. Sure, it may mean spending more money but this will also mean having the best accommodation in town, superb excellent customer service, and being treated like royalty.

If you’re a huge fan of luxury hotels and fond of holidaying on the Gold Coast, you’ll be happy to know that the $1 billion Jewel Project has finally gotten the green light with construction scheduled to commence early in the new year. This project will see the development of a brand new hotel on the Gold Coast which consists of three towers, designed to be symbolic of three crystals on the beach. When the development is complete, the towers will become the most recognisable structures in Surfers Paradise.

Artist impression of ‘Jewel’

Although the project was announced three years ago, only recently the owner, China’s RIdong Group, found a financial partner. This $1 billion project is expected to raise the bar as far as luxury hotels on the Gold Coast are concerned. If you’re interested in this project, find out more reading this article.

If however you’re planning to visit the Gold Coast before 2018, when the project is expected to be completed, don’t worry as there are several luxury hotels on the Gold Coast that still offer state-of-the-art facilities and amenities without you needing to spend a fortune.

Q1 Resort, Surfers Paradise
Q1 Resort in Surfers Paradise

Here at Gold Coast Holiday stays, we can recommend you book your Gold Coast hotel accommodation at Q1 Gold Coast. Offering luxury accommodation in spacious, modern apartments, guests can appreciate panoramic views of the ocean and the whole city of Gold Coast. Currently holding the title as the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere, Q1 Gold Coast is a spectacular feat of engineering. Aside from its great location, it’s also popular to tourists who are looking for superior accommodation because of its elegant and stylish spa which features the perfect blend of the convenience of urban living with the soothing scene of the ocean. If you’re looking for more information on what Q1 can offer, please read my previous article ‘Enjoy the ultimate in indulgence at Q1 Gold Coast’.

Besides from Q1 Gold Coast, there are of course several other luxury hotels on the Gold Coast to choose from. With the approval of the Jewel project, it is expected that the number of Gold Coast hotels will increase over the coming years which will provide tourists like you with wide range of choices that will meet your lifestyle, budget, and preferences.


The number of hotels on the Gold Coast is expected to increase now that the $1 billion jewel project has been approved. In 2018, when it will be completed, it is expected to be the most luxurious hotel on the Gold Coast. In the meantime, tourists who are planning to visit anytime soon, you’re perfect accommodation partner is right here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays. We offer beautiful apartments that are not beyond your budget. For enquiries, please send us a message through our contact form or call us at (07) 5531 6911.

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