The Gold Coast is famous for being a premiere holiday destination for not only Australians, but for beach lovers across the globe. Featuring some of the best beaches you’ll ever find and a long list of natural attractions, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Gold Coast for above
A more scenic view of the Gold Coast Hinterlands from above

Aside from great sceneries and wonderful locals, what we also love are the luxury Gold Coast hotels on offer. Let me tell you the reasons why:

  1. Long list of choices – Considered the premiere tourist attraction in Queensland, Surfers Paradise is home to several residential towers and numerous hotels giving us quite a lot of choices when it comes to accommodation. Depending on your budget, you can book a five-star hotel, a budget hotel, or a medium-sized range hotel room. You can also book serviced apartments from great hotels including Q1 Resort. These are spacious, luxurious, and stylish but extremely affordable.
  2. Very high in quality – Well, most of them. The aim of a good Gold Coast hotel manager is to convince guests to book their hotel and ensure their hotel is better than the rest. Because of this, as each new Gold Coast hotel is developed, it features more spacious rooms, more amazing views, exceptional customer service, and five star facilities.
  3. They offer great amenities – One of the best things about stiff competition is that it forces hotel managers to invest in making their properties even more attractive to travellers. One way they achieve this is by offer better amenities. Q1 Resort for example offers a spa, multiple swimming pools, fully equipped gymnasium, and much more to ensure booking with them is worthwhile.
  4. Competitive Prices – When compared to other tourist destinations, Gold Coast hotels are relatively cheaper. For example, if you book a 2 bedroom apartment at Artique Resort (complete with spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchen, and wonderful ocean views) you’d expect to pay at least $250 per night, right? But you can book this apartment through this website from just $130 per night. Yes, it’s that cheap.
  5. Exceptional customer service – Gold Coast hotels invest in their staff members by offering regular training so the quality of customer service is always first-class. Expect to be treated like royalty especially if you check in at some of Gold Coast most famous hotels.


Gold Coast hotels are some of the best in the world that is why we love them. If ever you’re travelling in the region and get the chance to see each, I am sure you’ll feel the same. Anyway, if you’re in the process of booking a hotel on the Gold Coast, consider booking through Gold Coast Holiday Stays

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