As the holiday manager at Gold Coast Holiday Stays, I know travelers appreciate getting a free upgrade on their Surfers Paradise accommodation. Well, who wouldn’t want to get more than their money’s worth, right? This is especially true if you’re travelling with your family. Getting bigger, more stylish and more comfortable accommodation will surely make your holiday more enjoyable.

Tourists enjoying Surfers Paradise
Tourists enjoying Surfers Paradise

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the most effective tips to get a free upgrade on your Surfers Paradise accommodation:

  1. Simply ask – It’s very seldom that accommodation provider will offer you a free upgrade so, don’t hesitate to ask. What I suggest is that you request for a bigger room when you book your accommodation. If the answer is no, try again when you check in. If they’re not busy and are committed in making sure that you’ll come back, they’re likely to say yes.
  2. Be realistic – If you’re staying for more than 2 days, chances are you won’t get an upgrade for your entire stay. So when you’re making a request, be clear that you’re only asking for upgrade for the first night. If they’re still not busy on the second night, chances are you’ll get to keep the room.
  3. Be a loyal customer – Speaking from experience, it’s easy for accommodation providers to offer free upgrades and other freebies to customers who are loyal customers. Join loyalty programs also, you’re much more inclined to get upgrades and free offers if you’re already signed up.
  4. Book during lean season – There is no way you’ll get a free upgrade on Surfers Paradise accommodation during peak season simply because the demand is so high. Book during the low season, this gives you a better chance of getting what you want.
  5. Refer a Friend – Most hotels will reward you with free upgrades if you help them book their rooms. So, if you have a friend who is booking a room after following your recommendation, make the manager know about it and he’ll most likely to say yes when you ask for a favour.
  6. Book mid-range room at a four to five star hotels. Four to five star hotels are committed to making their customers happy. During the low season, they may offer you free upgrades without having to even ask. If you want the best room, I suggest you book a mid-range room during low season and expect something good to happen when you check in.
  7. Check in a bit late – Most hotels check-in time is 2pm-3pm. If you’re asking for free upgrade on Surfers Paradise accommodation, wait for at least two hours. Managers may give you a better room if some of the guests that they’re expecting did not show up.
  8. Always ask for a manager – When booking your Surfers Paradise accommodation, it’s best if you talk to the manager who has the power to slightly bend the rules and can give you a free upgrade.
  9. Look out for promos – Most accommodation providers in Surfers Paradise run special promos to attract more customers and to retain their business. Sign up to their newsletters because every now and then, they are offering free upgrades.
  10. Stay longer – If you’ve book your Surfers Paradise accommodation for at least a week, talk to a manager and ask if there is something they can do to reward you for the business you gave then. Chances are they’ll offer you an upgrade on your last night.


Getting a free upgrade on your Surfers Paradise accommodation is relatively easy. Just try any of the tips I have outlined above and I can assure you that you’ll increase your chances of getting better, bigger, and more luxurious hotel room or serviced apartment for free.

For accommodation in Surfers Paradise, trust Gold Coast Holiday Stays. We offer one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments that are perfect for couples, travelling families, and huge group of friends.

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