Are you searching for the best breakfast hotspots to enjoy on your Gold Coast Holiday? Do you live for food? Is the most exciting element about your holidays more about ‘where you’re going to eat’, rather than ‘where you’re going to stay’? Well, you’re in luck. Although we offer amazing Gold Coast holiday rentals, in this article we move our focus onto (for some) the more important things in life… FOOD, the hottest breakfast spots to be precise.

  1. Black Coffee Lyrics – This is a restaurant and cocktail bar that serves not just the best coffee in the region (make sure to try their specialty signature coffee blend) but the best breakfast as well. Just walking distance from any Gold Coast holiday rental featured on this website, this joint is perfect for friends and families as they serve share plates not just for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner.
  2. Bellakai – If you’re looking forward to having your breakfast with the beach as your backdrop, head to Bellakai (translation: Beautiful Food) at Coolangatta. It combines great food and relaxed beachfront dining that will surely make your experience more memorable. Make sure to try their poached eggs, smoked salmon, and hollandaise.
  3. Plantation House Café – This one looks more like a country-style grocer that features vintage knick-knacks, fresh produce, and tinned food. They serve hearty breakfast including corn and zucchini fitters with poached eggs (a must-try!).
Plantation House Café
Breakfast serving at Plantation House Café


The Gold Coast is home to several cafes and restaurants that are considered the best breakfast hotspots to enjoy while you’re on holiday on the Gold Coast. If you want to make sure that you make the right choices, visit our top picks that are listed above. For Gold Coast holiday rentals, Gold Coast Holiday Stays is your partner. We offer spacious, affordable, and luxurious serviced apartments at the heart of Surfers Paradise, close to many fantastic breakfast hot spots including Black Coffee Lyrics! Find out more about our affordable holiday rentals by clicking this link or email us at

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