Gold Coast Holiday RentalsWhen you’re on holidays on the Gold Coast, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to stay in a hotel. Quite a number of private holiday rentals are available for you and your family, the whole year around. If you’re considering another holiday on the Gold Coast, or if it’s your first time to visit, you might want to consider a private holiday rental with Gold Coast Holiday Stays.

Gold Coast Holiday Stays offers some of the best luxurious holiday rentals in the Gold Coast area, particularly in Surfers Paradise. These holiday rentals are located in some of the best apartments and resorts, but are privately owned and separately managed. As such, the quality of the properties is always guaranteed.

All of Gold Coast Holiday Stays’ private holiday rentals are specially picked to be the best among the lot. In fact, they can even be considered better than some of the hotel rooms in the area. Not only that, our apartments are fully equipped with appliances and furnishings that are fully maintained to ensure maximum ease and comfort for our guests. They are all located close to the beach, shops, restaurants, and night clubs that make Surfers Paradise the loved destination that it is.

So, if you’re thinking about taking a Gold Coast holiday, take a moment to consider a privately managed holiday rentals instead of a regular holiday apartments. Contact us now here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays by calling 07 5531 8911 and pick from luxurious apartments from Sun City Resort, Artique Resort, and Paradise Centre Apartments.

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