The increasing popularity of the Gold Coast as a tourist destination has led to an influx of new hotels in the area. Some of these hotels, which are rated 4 or 5 stars, are especially designed to meet the high standards set by the Australian government. However, quality hotels normally mean high accommodation rates too. This can be quite a deterrent for holidaymakers wanting to experience luxury hotels, but have a rather limited budget.

Artique Resort, Surfers ParadiseFortunately, with Gold Coast Holiday Stays, you won’t need to pay huge amount of money to stay at a luxurious room inside a luxurious hotel. In fact, you’ll be surprised at the rates we offer for our line of privately owned apartments inside some of the top Gold Coast hotels in the area. (Read our previous post ‘Consider private holiday rentals for your next Gold Coast holiday‘)

Gold Coast Holiday Stays’ apartments are owned by private individuals or entities, separate from the management of the hotel or resort. This is why we can provide better service and lower rates. Best of all, these apartments are specifically chosen and all of them have ocean views so you can experience the beach even when you’re right inside your bedroom.

While there are quite a number of hotels on the Gold Coast, there shouldn’t be any reason why you need to pay hotel rates to stay in one of them. If you would like to experience staying at well-appointed Gold Coast hotels without burning a hole in your pocket, contact us here Gold Coast Holiday Stays by calling 07 5531 6911. You can also get information on the latest promos by following us on Twitter and Google+.