Planning a holiday on the Gold Coast can be an exciting experience. In fact, it can be so exciting that holidaymakers often forget to pack a thing or two. Before you get too excited to head-off for your Gold Coast holiday, look at some of the items below and make sure you have these items packed.

The Essentials

If you’re coming from outside Australia, make sure that you have all of your travel documents on hand. There’s nothing worse than arriving at the airport and finding out that you’ve forgotten a passport, plane ticket, or supporting travel documents.

Personal items like sunglasses, sunscreen lotions are important, but don’t ever forget to bring an emergency first-aid kit just in case. The Gold Coast is fully prepared for emergencies, but a first aid kit can be helpful to provide immediate treatment while waiting for emergency health workers.


Bring just the right amount of clothes you’ll need depending on the number of days you’ll be booked for your Gold Coast holiday. Light t-shirts, summer hats, and swimwear are recommended. Don’t pack more than you’ll need. You could always get a souvenir shirt or two from the numerous shops if you need one.

Holiday accommodation on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Holiday accommodationMake sure that you’ve confirmed your holiday accommodation on the Gold Coast before you catch your flight. If you’re going in one of the busier seasons, it could be difficult to find alternative accommodation if something goes wrong.

To make the process of booking your accommodation hassle-free, book with us here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays. Some of the best apartments to choose from are at Sun City Resort, Paradise Centre Apartments, and Artique Resort. You can expect not just spacious and luxurious apartments but world-class customer service as well.

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