Cheap accommodation on the Gold CoastThere are so many things that you need to consider when you’re choosing the accommodation for your Gold Coast holiday. Are you looking for cheap accommodation in a good location or do you want to be lavish and go all out regardless of the cost? If you’re like me, when booking accommodation for a holiday, I always look for the balance of affordability and location. You’ll want your accommodation to be nice enough to make you feel like you’re on holiday but you’ll also want to make sure you’re in a good location, close to the city centre so the money you save in accommodation isn’t spent on taxis and transport.

If you’re going to Surfers Paradise, the most sought after properties are the beachfront resorts and apartments. Nothing beats waking up to the sunrise and pristine beaches, but, the question is, can you find this type of accommodation at an affordable price?

The answer is yes, you can find cheap accommodation at great locations and here’s how you can make that happen.

  1. First step is to identify the location where you want to stay. When doing so, you’ll want to consider all the activities and attractions that you want to see when you’re on the Gold Coast. Do you want to spend your days getting your tan on beaches of Surfers Paradise or are you considering spending time exploring attractions like theme parks and the Hinterland? Make sure you’re accommodation is close to where you’ll spend the majority of your time go so you can save not just time but also money in going back and forth from these places to your accommodation.
  2. Next step is to make a list of all the cheap accommodation available including hotels, apartments, resorts, etc. that can be found around your chosen location. I find the internet to be the best resource when it comes to finding accommodation based on a location and generally websites allow you to filter search results by price, so finding cheap accommodation is all the easier. When looking at the price, be sure to also look at the amenities so you can decide which one will give you the best value for money.
  3. For further savings, ask about bundled offers. Some accommodation providers are more than willing to give you discounts if you’re going to book with them your tours and car rental as well, they may say no but hey, it’s worth a shot!
  4. Pay your deposit to make reservation. Make sure to act quickly once you have found cheap accommodation at a good location because believe me, they do not last that long. Just ensure that the company or the person that you’re doing business with is trustworthy.

Get cheap accommodation at a good location from Gold Coast Holiday Stays

Gold Coast Holiday Stays is a professional holiday rental service committed to providing every guests with affordable but high quality apartments on strategic locations. We manage some of the most luxurious and most spacious apartments in Surfers Paradise that are very close to the beach and shopping & dining districts. Choose from our apartments from Sun City Resort, Artique Resort, Paradise Centre Apartments, and Q1 Resort. For questions, please call us at 07 5531 6911. You can also view and book our apartments through this website. Rest assured that by booking with us, you can expect nothing but great experience that you won’t soon forget.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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