Visiting Australia just wouldn’t be complete without spending at least a couple of days in Surfers Paradise. Here, you’ll find sparkling white beaches and experience numerous world-class water activities. Tourists from all over the world love not only the weather and the sceneries but also the friendly people and relaxed atmosphere.

If you have a very limited budget, you’ll be happy to know that there are several cheap Surfers Paradise accommodation options available that you should take advantage of. You might get a little intimidated by 5 star hotels and resorts in the area, but if you plan carefully, you’ll be able to experience Surfers Paradise even on a shoe-string budget.

The key to visiting Surfers Paradise on a limited budget is to plan your trip as early as possible. If you book your accommodation at least a month or two in advance, you’ll be able to find the best deals offered by different companies who want to make sure that their apartments and hotel rooms are booked. (Read our previous post ‘Best time of year to book Gold Coast accommodation’ for other tips on when to book and visit)

Gold Coast Holiday Stays understands that accommodation is the biggest expense on a holiday. That is why we help you save when looking for cheap Surfers Paradise accommodation. One tip we can give you is to go with a group of people. How can this help? Well, if you book a $110 per night apartment with a friend or partner, you will each pay just $55 per night and still enjoy all the amenities that a luxurious accommodation can offer. Isn’t that neat?

To get more information on cheap Surfers Paradise accommodation, make sure to visit this website every now and then to see the latest promos. Also, book in advance to get the cheapest rates. Here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays, we make sure that we offer each holidaymaker with comfort, luxury, and that much-needed space without burning a hole in their pockets. If that sounds good to you, you better call us now; (07) 5531 6911.