Some of the best holidays happen on the Gold Coast with 52 kilometers of unrivaled golden beaches one of which is the sandy beaches and cool blue ocean waters of Surfers Paradise, you can definitely expect to have a holiday that is memorable for all the right reasons.

Sun City Resort, Surfers Paradise
Sun City Resort, Surfers Paradise

Here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays, we offer apartments with an atmosphere of luxury without applying the heavy rates that hotels often have. You’ll have a complete apartment with bedrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen, and even a laundry area for as low as $40 per person per night. Not only that, the apartments all offer ocean views so you can enjoy the scenery and the cool breeze coming from the ocean.  It makes it even better if your accommodation offers you the best experience around without having to break your budget.

Artique Resort, Sun City Resort, and Paradise Centre Apartments are just some of the spectacular apartment buildings we have on offer here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays.The apartments are located a short distance from the Surfers Paradise beach and a short walk away from city shops, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
Surfers Paradise Beach Front

We understand that you have so much to plan for when you’re going on a Gold Coast holiday. That is why, we make the process of booking an affordable but luxurious accommodation hassle-free for you. Just scroll down to our booking form and you’ll be able to check availability for any of our apartments in 3 simple steps.

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