Artique Resort, Surfers ParadiseMany Gold Coast tourists think that they have only one option for accommodation – hotels. Many still forget that there is another option that is equally, sometimes even more, comfortable – Gold Coast apartments.

The question is, even if they knew about the amazing apartments on the Gold Coast, what would be the better choice? Well, this would be a tough question since each of them has their merits. However, in our opinion, apartments are better – here’s why;

First thing that you need to know about an apartment is that it can be just as luxurious as the most plush hotel rooms. Here in Gold Coast Holiday Stays, we offer privately-owned holiday rentals at Paradise Centre Apartments, Artique Resort, Sun City Resort, and that are very near the beach and where all the action is.

Another thing that you need to know when deciding whether to stay in a hotel or book an apartment is the cost. While apartments can be compared to high quality hotel rooms, the rates are certainly a lot different. Apartments are often much cheaper. In fact, our rates are comparable to the lower rate hotel rooms, sometimes even cheaper when you consider the quality of our apartments.

Next, you’ll also need to consider the actual living area. Our one, two, or three bedroom apartments have spacious living areas, balconies, and a kitchen and separate laundry area. If you’re comparing square footage, apartments definitely offer more space.

All our apartments are located in some of the best Gold Coast apartments and resorts. However, it is important to note that these are separately managed from the apartment or resort, thus, quality is always maintained.

If you’re heading to the Gold Coast anytime soon, make sure to book your spacious and luxurious apartments with us. Calling 07 5531 6911 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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