If you’re planning a holiday on the Gold Coast and wondering when the best time would be to start searching for Surfers Paradise hotels, then you don’t have to worry much. Surfers Paradise is a great holiday destination all year around. If you’re going here just to experience the magnificent beaches, then you can go at your convenience. However, if your intention is to attend one of the numerous events held in Surfers Paradise or the greater Gold Coast, then it’s best to know exactly when these events will happen.

There are quite a number of different events at the Gold Coast. There are major events like the Armor All Gold Coast 600 and some major tennis and surfing tournaments. There is also the Magic Millions and other events that are fun to attend. However, make sure that you’re accustomed to crowds because major and minor events at Surfers Paradise will always bring a good amount of people.

The best time to book Surfers Paradise hotels is always in advance. This way, you’ll not only get the hotel rooms you want, but you can also get some of the best packages and deals. You might find it a bit difficult with a last minute booking, depending on the season and the events that are going to be held. For more information we recommend you also read our previous post ‘Best time of year to book Gold Coast accommodation

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