Are you having second thoughts about booking Gold Coast holiday accommodation because of certain myths you’ve heard? Well, in this article, I wish to give you a list of common misconceptions to guide you in making well-informed decision. So read on!

  1. Gold Coast accommodation is expensive – Although the word expensive means different things to different people let me assure you that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to book accommodation on the Gold Coast. Although there are hotels that charge up to $500 per night for their penthouse, you can easily find serviced apartments for as low as $120 per night.
  2. Quality is not impressive – Well, I can’t tell you that the quality of ALL accommodation on the Gold Coast is impressive especially if you’re thinking about staying in a backpacker resort or a motel. However, I can assure you that booking Gold Coast accommodation at reputable resorts and hotels like Q1 Gold Coast will ensure that highest quality is maintained.
  3. Cheap accommodation provides a pool location – Again, if you choose budget options such as a backpacker resort or a motel for your accommodation, you may find yourself on the outer-skirts of the city. But if you’re willing to spend as little as $110 per night, you can get a luxury Gold Coast accommodation that’s close to the beach and key attractions, like the ones we offer here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays, for as low as $110 per night. Find out more by reading an earlier post of mine; Can you get cheap accommodation at a good location?
  4. Gold Coast accommodation is unsafe – At Gold Coast Holiday Stays, safety is our number one priority. We make sure that all the apartments that we offer have 24-hour security personnel and you will find all reputable resorts of hotels offer the same level of security
  5. You pay extra for your facilities – If you’re afraid that you’re going to end up with Gold Coast accommodation that has few or only basic facilities, be sure to look at their accommodation provider’s website to see a list of facilities. Obviously those that offer more will have a higher star rating and price. The apartments we offer at Gold Coast Holiday Stays can be found in some of most luxurious hotels and resorts; you can expect access to swimming pool, spa, stylish dining and entertainment districts, and many more all at very affordable rates.
  6. Gold Coast accommodation is not well-managed. Here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays, we invest in getting dedicated staff members to ensure that our serviced apartments are in top shape before we give the keys to our guests.
  7. Hotel rooms are more luxurious than an apartment – As a property manager, I can tell you that serviced apartments are a better option than a hotel room, especially if you’re travelling with others. Apartments, in general, offer the same level of luxury but also offer more space, a fully equipped kitchen and laundry services.
  8. Staying in a serviced apartment means cooking and cleaning – We know you’re going on a holiday to relax. If you choose not to use your kitchen, you can order in or better yet, sample the many restaurants that surround your Gold Coast accommodation. Also, we take care of the cleaning; all apartments are cleaned before we turn them over to our guests.
  9. Booking Gold Coast accommodation is difficult – Well, there was a time that booking accommodation was a hassle. But today, with the use of the internet, you can do it at the comforts of your own home. Based on research from com, 74% of Australian online shoppers have made travel or accommodation purchases online. You can do the same.
  10. The Gold Coast is not safe for families – Like most places, there are of course the good and the bad areas, however the Gold Coast is pretty good in most tourists areas. If you’re travelling with young children I would avoid Surfers Paradise after 9pm. The most family friendly locations for booking Gold Coast accommodation would be Burleigh Heads or Broadbeach.
Gold Coast Holiday
Chinese tourists enjoying their Gold Coast holiday down at Burleigh Heads Beach


There are so many misconceptions when it comes to choosing and booking Gold Coast accommodation for your holiday. With this article, I hope that I was able to clear them up.

Now, if you need help booking your Gold Coast accommodation, look no further and book with us. Gold Coast Holiday Stays is committed to offering your exceptional serviced apartments that are not only luxurious but affordable as well. Book online or call us directly at (07) 5531 6911 for assistance.

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