image0242013 was a fairly good year for Gold Coast tourism and accommodation in the Gold Coast as the number of local and international visitors has slightly increased. Just like Tropical North Queensland, the Gold Coast managed to post good results due to stronger domestic holiday visitor market. It is one Australian region that managed to push average room rates which led to stronger growth in room yield.

Based on official report, Gold Coast remained popular among local and international tourists. Last year, it welcomed 778,000 international overnight visitors and 3,664,000 domestic visitors. These overnight visitors had several choices when it comes to accommodation in the Gold Coast which is one of the main reasons the Gold Coast is so affordable to all travellers. According to Tourism Queensland, when it comes to accommodation in the Gold Coast, there were 154 establishments recorded, which pertains to hotels, resorts, private hotels, guesthouses, and serviced apartments. This number is the same as the year before. These establishments had collectively provided Gold Coast guests with 4,874,690 available rooms throughout the year. This represent 1% increase compared to the previous year.

When it comes to demand, the number slightly went up. Room nights occupied reached 3,319,696, which represent a 2.6% increase on the previous year. Room occupancy for accommodation in the Gold Coast also jumped 1% to 68.1%. Gold Coast accommodation earned $508 million pre-tax and this is an impressive 5.4% increase compared to 2012. Overall, accommodation for the Gold Coast has increased profits by 4.3%.

Accommodation on the Gold Coast statistics compared to other regions

When compared to other regions in relation to accommodation statistics, it is fair to say that Gold Coast did well. However, Darling Downs, which enjoyed 5.7% increase in supply and 19% increase in earnings, was considered the top performer in 2013. It was closely followed by Townsville (4.% increase in supply and 9.6% increase in revenue). The worst performer was Mackay, which registered 19.7% decrease in demand and 21.2% drop in revenue.

Going back to Gold Coast, forecasters agree that accommodation in the Gold Coast along with its tourism will continue to grow this year up to the next 15 years. Because of this, more hotels are expected to be built within the region in the coming years.

Best Accommodation on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, being a prime tourist destination not just in Queensland but also in all of Australia, is home to some of the most luxurious, most spacious, and most stylish accommodation that you can find in the country. Depending on your needs, preference, and budget, you have the option to book a hotel room, serviced apartments, resorts, or a guesthouse.

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation in the Gold Coast, keep in mind that apartments can often sleep up to 6-8 people depending on the number of rooms they offer so an apartment is a great way to accommodate up to 8 people without burning a hole in your pocket. View our managed Surfers Paradise apartments and see the great value for money we have to offer. Also, we recommend you read ‘Best cheap accommodation options on the Gold Coast’ for more tips on finding affordable accommodation for your holiday.

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