Gold Coast Accommodation ApartmentsHave you ever wondered what’s the better choice for Gold Coast accommodation, apartments or resorts?

Below are the pros and cons of both types of accommodation based on my personal experience. They might help you decide which accommodation best suits you.

Pros of Resorts

  • It’s a canned holiday, which means everything is planned for you. You don’t have to arrange for transportation or schedules anymore.
  • You’ll get the full VIP treatment and you will be waited on everywhere you go.
  • Your room is in close proximity to a lot of amenities like swimming pools, restaurants, and spas so you won’t have to commute to get to your comfort zones.

Cons of Resorts

  • It’s a canned holiday, so your movement and experience is limited to what the resort package includes.
  • Resorts are more expensive because you pay for all of the services you’re getting, whether you opt to get them or not.
  • The affordable rooms tend to be small. It can cost an arm and a leg to travel with a big group if you’re in a resort.

Pros of Apartments

  • The best apartments are centrally-located on the Gold Coast. This makes it easier for you to explore the area without being tied down to a canned holiday package. When it comes to Gold Coast accommodation, apartments are generally serviced, so you won’t have to worry about housekeeping. But there are kitchen and laundry amenities so you may choose to do those on your own if you want to save money.
  • Apartments are spacious but they’re not as expensive as hotels or resort room. Most apartments also have swimming pools and spa-like amenities, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on those either.

Cons of an Apartment

  • You will have to plan your holiday on your own, and arrange for transportation or commute to get from point A to point B. It’s cheaper, but you will have to do away with some of the luxuries a resort has to offer.
  • Not all apartments come with full amenities, so you will have to work harder on shopping for the best ones.

Still not sure what to choice for your Gold Coast accommodation – apartments or resorts? Here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays we offer a number of luxurious but affordable Gold Coast accommodation options in both apartments and resorts. Call us at 07 5531 6911 to inquire and book! Also, like us on Facebook to stay updated on latest promos that you will surely don’t want to miss.

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