Australia is definitely one of the top choices when talking about the perfect holiday destination. Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists from across the globe make our country their choice for some R&R. However, did you know that domestic tourists are the ones who actually increased Australia’s tourism industry last year? According to a press release issued by Tourism Research Australia, there were about 76 million domestic overnight trips in 2013, that’s a tremendous amount of visitors that got to enjoy holiday rentals from one of the best destinations Australia has to offer!

This record-breaking number represents those tourists coming from different regions that have visited different region/s and spent the night on hotel-style holiday rentals. Because of this number, I am sure you wouldn’t be surprised if I tell you that this has resulted to a sharp increase of domestic overnight stays!

Travel Research Australia’s chief economist, Dr Leo Jago, is optimistic that the numbers will only continue to rise in the coming years partly because of the strength of aviation segment. He said: “Overnight trips involving the use of air transport increased by seven per cent, continuing a long-term trend of growth for this segment of domestic tourism.”

“Furthermore, the strength of the aviation segment over the year was an important contributor to growth in the high-yield interstate travel market and nights spent in hotel-style accommodation.”

Domestic overnight trips in 2013 have reached a staggering 33.1 million, which represent a whopping 6% increase compared to previous year. This includes accommodation provided by holiday rentals, along with friends and families. This figure has resulted to increased overnight trip expenditure amounting to $51.7 billion (a 5% increase) which represents 73% of the total spending by all overnight visitors, which include international tourists.

While domestic overnight visits have increased substantially, domestic day trips have dropped by 5% to 166 million. On the other hand, outbound travel for 2013 continued to increase by 5% to 7.5 million. Perhaps, more people have decided to spend more than just a full day on the regions that they’ve visited for longer holidays. I hope this is the case, but in all seriousness, once you visit the Gold Coast, you’ll see that a day visit is just nowhere long enough so securing holiday rentals before visit isn’t only a good idea, but can save you money also.

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Forecasters agree that this year, Australia will see continuous upward trend when it comes to both domestic and international tourists. If you’re one of those people who plan to visit Australia, one of the first things you need to do when planning your holiday is to book your accommodation. To have a wider choice and to get better deals, I recommend you you’re your holiday rentals months in advance before your scheduled flight.

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