2013 was one of the most successful years for Australia’s tourism industry. Despite economic issues hounding different countries across the globe, Australia still managed to attract and increase the number of visitors last year. This in turn boosted the tourism industry and provided a much needed income increase for tourism and holiday accommodation businesses. One of the major source markets was China. Based on the figures released by Tourism Research Australia, visitor arrivals from China broke previous records. Chinese visitor numbers for last year were up 18 percent compared to previous year reaching 676,445. Meanwhile, Chinese holiday visitors rose by 30 percent while overnight visits grew by 22 percent. This number has pushed Australia’s tourism earnings, which was up by 25 percent when compared to 2012. Holiday accommodation businesses had been doing it tough since the GFC so there was indeed a welcomed change.

Chief Economists and General Manager of Travel Research Australia, Dr Leo Jago, said that the reason behind the spike was the strength of China’s economy and other Asian markets. He added that these countries have the potential to contribute even more to Australia’s economy and tourism industry over the coming years. He also said that aside from the growing international arrivals, the number of visitors from traditional markets was also increasing.

In fact, domestic overnight stays in different regions in Australia are on the rise (See ‘Domestic overnight stays are on the increase’). In 2013, the number reached 33.1 million which was a 6% rise compared to 2012. Overnight trip expenditure has increased by 5 percent to $51.7 billion which included holiday accommodation along with visitors staying with a friend or relative. Analysts say that part of the reason for the increase is the strength of aviation segment, effective marketing strategies, and great weather. In 2013, Australia enjoyed more than 300 days of sunlight, which for people from countries with cold winters is very important.

Aside from China, arrivals from both the United States and United Kingdom also increased due to growing backpacker and improving holiday sectors. Overall, 2013, which saw 5,889,197 visitors, was a positive year for international arrivals with tourist numbers increasing by 5 percent. This resulted to increased bookings for holiday accommodation, which gave Australia total earnings of $19.3 billion for its tourism industry.

Reasons to visit Australia

Do you ever wonder why international tourists choose Australia as their holiday destination? Well, it’s because it offers not just appealing climate but it also boasts natural beauty. It doesn’t matter what constitutes a ‘perfect holiday’ for you, you can be assured that Australia will fit the bill. Australia’s landscape is highly diverse and here you can find awe-inspiring rainforest and coral reefs, encompassing dry outback, the Great Dividing Range, the Great Barrier Reef, the lush woods of Tasmania, etc. It is also the home to world class beaches, theme parks, UNESCO heritage sites, and amazing shopping, entertainment, dining districts and luxury holiday accommodations. So, if you want to have a grand time, make sure to choose Australia as your holiday destination. You’ll surely not regret it.

Australia has many regions to choose from depending on your preference and idea of a great holiday. If you’re looking to spend time on the beach, experiencing world-class theme parks, and checking out some UNESCO heritage sites, you’ll surely find Gold Coast extremely appealing.

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