last minute accommodation dealsLooking for last minute accommodation on the Gold Coast might sometimes be worth it because there are hotels offering 70% off of their usual rates. Of course, there are pros and cons to booking at the last minute. Yes, there might be huge discounts to be found, but as a traveller, you will be taken way off track in terms of planning.

Going for last minute accommodation on the Gold Coast means leaping blindly into your trip without knowing your activities. You will have to plan your schedule at the last minute, between booking your accommodation and boarding the plane, and this is generally within a 24hr period when it comes to last minute accommodation bookings. This will give you very little time to look for discounted tour packages and whatnot, especially if you’re planning the trip with the family.

There’s also a small chance you might have to travel alone because your proposed travel companions won’t be able to make it. I don’t recommend last minute bookings if you’re travelling with kids. It might be exciting to do that when you’re travelling alone or with friends, but not when you have toddlers in tow.

Gold Coast Holiday RentalsIf you still decide on going for a last minute hotel or apartment booking, you’ll be happy to know that here at Gold Coast Holiday Stays, we offer the great value-for-money accommodation on the Gold Coast. Feel free to visit our homepage to view our offerings, last minute or otherwise, or call us at 07 5531 6911 to inquire and make quick bookings.

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